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Alaska 2018 PFD

2018 AK PFD

Having your Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) deposited directly into your MVFCU account is fast, safe, and easy.

Just use these guidelines when you file for your 2018 PFD:

Enter CS for the MVFCU “Bank Code”

• Enter your account number as instructed in the application. Your account number is found in the upper right corner of your periodic account statement (be sure its 12 digits long).

• Remember, applications are due March 31!

Apply for your PFD

Matanuska Valley Financial Services

Prepare for Your Future.

You can never start too early on a serious college savings strategy. But that's just one future financial goal. Living the retirement of your dreams means making your money last. Yet outliving our money is a worry we all have. What's the secret to securing your financial future?

For questions or more information, contact a MVFS Financial Advisor today.

Currently available in Alaska only.

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Noelle Kai Image

Noelle Kai

With over 20 years of experience in the Hawaii Real Estate industry, Noelle is focused on fitting the best financing option for each borrower.

Now our Hawaii members can let Noelle plan around traffic as she coordinates her schedule to work with you; Noelle will meet you where it is most convenient for you. She looks forward to connecting our Hawaii members with the best programs and products MVFCU has to offer.

Make an appointment today by calling or texting 808-208-0320.

Noelle Kai